We produce mobile ramps of high quality at an affordable price
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Malcosta mobile loading ramp. Designed to simplify and speed up logistics
operations in warehouses for unloading and loading tare loads. Ideal for
working with trucks and warehouse operations, docks.
Delivery all over Europe
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Mobile loading ramp MALCOSTA

from 144 000
from 169 000
  1. Steel ramp.
  2. Manual hydraulic system made in Italy.
  3. Side tow pole to move the ramp around the warehouse area.
  4. 2 wheels with polyurethane rim.
  5. Chains with carabiners for fixing the ramp to the truck.
  6. 2 wheel chocks.
Technical Specifications
  • Loading - 5000 kg.
  • Minimum ramp height (H) - 900 mm.
  • Maximum ramp height (J) - 1550 mm.
  • Number of wheels - 2 pcs.
  • Railings - Yes.
  • Warranty period - 12 months.
  • Type of ramp - Mobile hydraulic ramp.
  • Total length (A+B+C+D) - 8000 mm.
  • Length of the horizontal part (B) - 1200 mm.
  • Length of inclined part (A+C) - 6500 mm.
  • Passing width of the horizontal part (F1) - 2000 mm.
  • Passing width of the inclined part (F2) - 1500 mm.
  • Depth of the connecting lip (D) - 300 mm.
  • Entry bridges length (C) - 500 mm.
  • Entry bridges width (K) - 350 mm.
  • Riding surface - Steel grating.
  • Heavy - duty wheels with polyurethane tires.
  • Diamond plate drive - in.
  • Manual hydraulic pump with tank - (Italy).
  • Transport device - Yes (side tow pole).


Our company, having a greatexperience in ramp production, has launched a range of Malcosta mobile loading ramps. We took into account all the wishes of our customers and designed a ramp that not only simplifies logistics processes, but also is economical in price.
Malcosta mobile ramp - an affordable solution for major challenges.
Low prices and reliable construction make Malcosta loading ramps the best choice among competitors in the warehousing equipment market.
The Malcosta loading dock ramp is used in warehouses for loading and unloading trucks/containers with forklifts.
Easy to move with a forklift truck due to the convenient side tow pole.
Hydraulically adjustable for optimum height.
It has railings that prevent the forklift from falling off the mobile ramp.
Withstands a working load of up to 5 tons.
It has 2 entry bridges for ramp access.
It has a wide connecting lip for easy maneuvering of the forklift.
Our achievements and advantages
Manufacturing units
Satisfied customers
The best price for loading ramps
The cost of our mobile ramps is a nice bonus to their quality
12 months operation warranty
We always help our customers to solve any problem related to both warranty and non-warranty cases.
Fast and timely delivery
We guarantee delivery of our equipment anywhere in the world in the time specified by the customer
Saving time

First and foremost a ramp is needed to speed up loading and unloading. Our customers include companies operating in various business sectors. They say that the main advantage of using a ramp is saving time and labor.
Safe operation

Malcosta ramp has been developed by our design department to minimize the risks during loading and unloading.
Many years of experience in ramp production
We have been manufacturing and supplying mobile ramps all over the world for many years. We understand our customers' need for products that are not only of high quality, but also economical in price.
Advantages of MALCOSTA mobile loading ramp
Affordable price

The price of the Malcosta mobile ramp will pleasantly surprise you.
Ease of movement

Our loading ramps can be easily transported not only within the warehouse, but also between different sites.To deliver lectures and masterclasses during the course.

The ramp is designed to save space in the warehouse. But this does not affect its efficiency.
Ease of use

Quality hydraulics allow you to adjust the height of our ramps. That's why they cover the needs of 80% of customers.
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