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Mobile loading ramp

Malcosta mobile loading ramp

The Malcosta loading dock ramp is used in warehouses for loading and unloading trucks/containers with forklifts.

Easy to move with a forklift truck due to the convenient side tow pole.
Hydraulically adjustable for optimum height.
It has railings that prevent the forklift from falling off the mobile ramp.
Withstands a working load of up to 5 tons.
It has 2 entry bridges for ramp access.
It has a wide connecting lip for easy maneuvering of the forklift.

Mobile ramp complete set

  • Steel ramp.
  • Manual hydraulic system made in Italy.
  • Side tow pole to move the ramp around the warehouse area.
  • 2 wheels with polyurethane rim.
  • Chains with carabiners for fixing the ramp to the truck.
  • 2 wheel chocks. 


Dimensions of mobile ramp

Load capacity, kg Sizw, mm
A B C D E F1 F2 G1 G2 H J K L
5000 6000 1200 500 300 8000 2000 1500 2130 1630 900 1550 350 750


Technical Specifications

Loading 5000 kg
Minimum ramp height (H) 900 mm
Maximum ramp height (J) 1550 mm
Number of wheels 2 pcs
Railings Yes
Type of ramp Mobile hydraulic ramp
Total length (A+B+C+D) 8000 mm
Length of the horizontal part (B) 1200 mm
Length of inclined part (A+C) 6500 mm
Passing width of the horizontal part (F1) 2000 mm
Passing width of the inclined part (F2) 1500 mm
Depth of the connecting lip (D) 300 mm
Entry bridges length (C) 500 mm
Entry bridges width (K) 350 mm
Riding surface Steel grating
Heavy duty wheels with polyurethane tires
Diamond plate drive in
Manual hydraulic pump with tank (Italy)
Transport device Yes (side tow pole)
Warranty period 12 months